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Our aim is to deliver a food service standard which reflects and supports the University’s core values of excellence, quality, creativity and diversity across the full range of catering facilities our in-house team provides.  

Explore, visit and experience exceptional food and service.

Food courts

Extensive, tasty and exciting range of food to eat-in or takeaway

We are passionate about serving quality, creative, delicious food to all University members and visitors

Jason Waterfield - Catering Services Manager

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Product Available from
Americano Coffee (Large)12 locations
Americano Coffee (Regular)10 locations
Appletiser Can12 locations
Arlotta Burger2 locations
Band A Sandwich12 locations
Band B Sandwich12 locations
Band C Sandwich12 locations
Band D Sandwich12 locations
Band E Sandwich12 locations
Band F Sandwich12 locations
Band G Sandwich12 locations
Bowl of Fries: ChipsAvenue Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Bronte Biscuit12 locations
Burger2 locations
Burger with Bap: BeefburgerWSA Café
Cake Slice11 locations
Cake Slice Premium10 locations
Can Coke 330ml12 locations
Cappuccino Coffee (Large)12 locations
Cappuccino Coffee (Regular)10 locations
Chicago Town Pizza2 locations
Chicken Joe's: Bowl of Chips2 locations
Chicken Joe's: Chips2 locations
Chicken Joe's: Half BBQ chicken2 locations
Chicken Joe's: Salsa chicken2 locations
Chicken Joe's: Salsa rice2 locations
Choc au Pain11 locations
Chocolate Bar/Polos12 locations
Coke Post Mix (glass pint)4 locations
Coke Post Mix (glass small)4 locations
Coke Post Mix (large cup)4 locations
Coke Post Mix (regular cup)4 locations
Cold Dessert: Apricot & almond tartConnaught Catering
Cold Dessert: Chocolate oreo cheesecakeConnaught Catering
Cold Dessert: Fresh fruit saladConnaught Catering
Cold Dessert: Lemon curd rouladeConnaught Catering
Cold DessertsTerrace Restaurant
Cold Jacket Filling: Grated mature cheeseConnaught Catering
Cold Jacket Filling: Tuna mayonnaiseConnaught Catering
Cookie10 locations
Croissant11 locations
Cup Cake12 locations
Curry3 locations
Danish Pastry11 locations
Dessert: chocolate brownie potsTerrace Restaurant
Dessert: Fruits of the forest mousseTerrace Restaurant
Dessert: Mango mousseTerrace Restaurant
Dish of the Day8 locations
Dorset Flapjacks12 locations
Doughnut11 locations
Eat Natural Bar12 locations
Espresso Coffee (Large)12 locations
Espresso Coffee (Regular)10 locations
Exquisite Bar12 locations
Fairtrade Juice Bottle11 locations
Filter Coffee (Large)12 locations
Filter Coffee (Regular)10 locations
Flapjacks10 locations
Frappe Assorted8 locations
Fresh Fruit12 locations
Fresh Fruit Smoothie8 locations
Fresh Juice (large cup)4 locations
Fresh Juice (small cup)4 locations
Fruit Yoghurt (large)12 locations
Fruit Yoghurt (small)12 locations
Geobar12 locations
Glaceau Vitamin Water11 locations
Honeybun Cake11 locations
Hot Chocolate (Large)12 locations
Hot Chocolate (Regular)11 locations
Hot DessertTerrace Restaurant
Hot dessert: Rhubarb crumble, custardTerrace Restaurant
Hot Dessert: Syrup sponge/ custardConnaught Catering
Hot Jacket Filling: Baked beansConnaught Catering
Hot Juice Apple12 locations
Hot Juice Cranberry12 locations
Hot Juice Mapple12 locations
Hot Juice Pear12 locations
Hot meal premium: Black bean and mushroom noodlesAvenue Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Hot meal premium: Flat iron steak ith mushroom ,sausage and onion ringsAvenue Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Hot meal: Penne carbonaraAvenue Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Hot meal: Penne tomato and basilAvenue Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Hot meal: Pork In Oyster SauceWSA Café
Hot meal: Spicy bean burgerAvenue Restaurant & Coffee Bar
International2 locations
Jacket of the Day - Cold: Baked Beans And CheeseWSA Café
Jacket of the Day - Cold: Grated mature cheddarNOC Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Jacket of the Day - Cold: Tuna mayonaiseNOC Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Jacket of the Day - Hot: Baked beansNOC Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Jacket of the Day - Hot: Baked beans & cheeseNOC Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Jacket of the Day - Hot: Vegetable Malabar CurryWSA Café
Jacket of the Day Cold4 locations
Jacket of the Day Hot4 locations
Kates Cakes Bar11 locations
Kettles Crisps12 locations
Latte Coffee (Large)12 locations
Latte Coffee (Regular)10 locations
Love Joes Chicken Wrap: Jamaican Jerk Chicken WrapWSA Café
Maciato Coffee (Large)12 locations
Maciato Coffee (Regular)10 locations
Main course: Chicken & bacon chasseurNOC Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Main course: Chicken & mushroom pie (limited amount)NOC Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Main Meal3 locations
Main meal: Baton swedeTerrace Restaurant
Main Meal: Beef in blackbean chilli sauceConnaught Catering
Main meal: Breast of chicken, garlic cream leeks, spinachTerrace Restaurant
Main Meal: Butternut & aubergine curryConnaught Catering
Main meal: Goan prawn curry,bok choiTerrace Restaurant
Main meal: Herb vitas potatoesTerrace Restaurant
Main meal: Red cabbageTerrace Restaurant
Main meal: Roast pork, stuffing & gravyTerrace Restaurant
Main meal: Roast potatoesTerrace Restaurant
Main meal: Stuffed beef tomato, wild mushroom risotto, smoked cheeseTerrace Restaurant
Main Meal: Tamarind chickenConnaught Catering
Main Meal: Vegetable spring rolls with sweet & sour sauceConnaught Catering
Marsh Mallows8 locations
Milk Cup12 locations
Milk Pint12 locations
Mocha Coffee (Large)12 locations
Mocha Coffee (Regular)10 locations
Muffin12 locations
Nescafe8 locations
No Chocolate Topping8 locations
Oasis Bottle12 locations
Pasta Baked3 locations
Pasta Wet3 locations
Pet Coke Bottle 500ml (Plastic)12 locations
Pizza: Assorted topping- please see separate menu2 locations
PotatoTerrace Restaurant
Potato portion: ChipsAvenue Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Potato: Bowl of chipsNOC Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Potato: Buttered mashNOC Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Potato: ChipsWSA Café
Potato: NoodlesWSA Café
Potato: Portion of chipsNOC Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Powerade Bottle12 locations
Premium main course: Italian pork meatballs served on a bed of linguine, cheddar cheese toppingNOC Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Protein ItemTerrace Restaurant
Red Bull Can10 locations
Relentless Can12 locations
RiceTerrace Restaurant
Rice: Fried riceConnaught Catering
Rice: RiceTerrace Restaurant
Schweppes Bottle4 locations
Self Serve Tea and Coffee8 locations
Soup5 locations
Soup: Parsnip & coconutTerrace Restaurant
Soup: Potato, leek & cornConnaught Catering
Soup: roasted tomato and pepperAvenue Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Soya Milk8 locations
Sugar8 locations
Syrup - Caramel8 locations
Syrup - Cinnamon8 locations
Syrup - Gingerbread8 locations
Syrup - Hazelnut8 locations
Syrup - Irish Cream8 locations
Syrup - Mint8 locations
Syrup - Special8 locations
Syrup - Vanilla8 locations
Takeaway8 locations
Tea - Camomile12 locations
Tea - Darjeeling12 locations
Tea - Decaf12 locations
Tea - Earl Grey12 locations
Tea - Green12 locations
Tea - Lemon12 locations
Tea - Peppermint12 locations
Tea - Red12 locations
Tea - Standard12 locations
Tea - White12 locations
Traybake11 locations
VEGAN & VEG: Butternut & quorn pie2 locations
VEGAN & VEG: Herb diced potatoes2 locations
VEGAN & VEG: Roast veg2 locations
VEGAN & VEG: Wild mushroom & butternut stroganoff2 locations
Vegan premium main course: Vegan red pepper & chorizo flavour sausages in a roasted pepper & bean cassouletNOC Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Vegetable: Baton carrotsNOC Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Vegetable: BroccoliNOC Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Vegetable: CarrotsWSA Café
Vegetable: Egg noodlesConnaught Catering
Vegetable: Stir fry vegetablesConnaught Catering
Vegetable: tender stem broccoliAvenue Restaurant & Coffee Bar
VegetablesTerrace Restaurant
Vegetarian2 locations
Walkers Crisps12 locations
Water 500ml Still or sparkling9 locations
Water Sport 750ml12 locations
Whipped Cream8 locations
WRAP DEAL: see main counter menu2 locations

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