The University of Southampton

Catered Package

Don't worry about food shopping or cooking! Simply purchase a catered package for £60 per week which can be spent in any Campus Kitchen outlet.

Highfield Hall

Start your day sharing a healthy breakfast with friends.

Catered Halls
Highfield Halls of Residence are our Catered Halls. Here, Students are provided with readily available, fresh, nutritional, tasty food to help support their study and well-being, and fuel the most challenging of days. We cater for a vast variety of food preferences, diets and allergies, and will always be at hand to listen to personal catering needs and provide comprehensive information on the products served. We encourage students to discuss any specific dietary needs with Halls catering supervisors, and our dedicated chefs will always be on hand to assist.

The Campus Kitchen catering team prides itself on providing a high quality, personable service; we love our students to think of us as family. Students are encouraged to invite University friends to join them for dinner, non-catered students can pay for each meal via a bank card.

During term-time (Monday - Friday) students are provided with breakfast and a main meal later in the day. The main meal can be taken as either an evening meal in halls or a meal on campus during the day or early evening, In addition there is brunch on Saturdays and lunch on Sunday.

Full English or an alternative healthy option
Hot drink or fruit juice

A main course, choice of vegetables or salad, dessert or a choice of fruit or yoghurt, soft or hot drink.

If you would prefer to take lunch you are welcome to visit a campus restaurant and use your Cater card to purchase food and drink up to your allowance. Your Cater card will be accepted at all of our catering outlets.

Saturday brunch

Combination of traditional breakfast and lunch items, yoghurt or fruit and a drink.

Sunday lunch

A traditional Sunday lunch with dessert and choice of hot or cold drink.

Please be advised:

Breakfast and dinner must be taken in your Hall of residence.

If you are unable to visit the servery, we can provide an alternative ‘breakfast box’ take-away service which can be obtained Monday to Friday, but we do ask for 48 hours notice.